Friday, December 21, 2007

Cables and twisted stitches

I did finish the cable sweater - Kirsten Cowan's design from Vogue Winter 2005 - and I loved the picture of it on elann. Knitting cables is fun for me, and the cable yoke turned out pretty good but the twisted stitches were hard. Maybe it's because the way I knit. There must be a different way to twist them without having to fight the yarn or the needles.

The pattern is nice and now I'm trying to finish a matching cabled hat, however that won't happen too soon with all the other projects I have to finish before the end of this year.

The picture does not show it but it's warm and cozy. The more I wear it the more I like it. But if I were to make another one I'll knit it in the round and I'll knit some short rows to shape the back of the neck. Will I knit another one? Maybe. I don't know.

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