Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Granny knitting

I knitted the cardigan for my grandaughter and the good thing about knitting for your grandchildren is that they will accept your knitted garments and like them and they'll brag about them.

How can I ask for more?!

I liked it when I finished it, I tried to embelish it - not much, just a little bit and I took some pictures.

I was really proud!

The buttons were sunflowers and a lady bug and a bee will remind her of summer during the cold season.

But the moment when I was really proud to be a knitting grandmother was when I saw her wearing it:

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LiseBise said...

Hi Avid (hehehe),

I'm so used to watching you knit Tuscany, I forgot you probably knit something else.

Just found out about the end of Alterknit. Are you planning to finish Tuscany somewhere else? Keep in touch.