Sunday, October 21, 2007

Missing out on Rhinebeck

Everybody has a knitting blog and I decided to start mine as soon as I take part to that crucial knitting event that will completely change my (knitting) life. So, I waited. Getting the invitation to join Ravelry was very close to become the starting point but I got so busy checking patterns, groups, uploading projects and taking pictures and there was no time left to start my blog.

This weekend was Rhinebeck weekend. I suddenly realized: all knitters, spinners, weavers I know and bloggers I admire are there. And I am not! This is knitting-life shattering, I'm sobbing and knitting and starting my blog.

For the record: here are some knitting events that were important for me:
  • Jane Ellison's workshop at The Yarn Boutique in Toronto - she introduced us to her Mirasol Collection and we had the opportunity to see and touch all knitted garments from her first book. The designs are beautiful and the yarn is fabulous. We also knitted the Carlos Gloves - easy to knit with the luxurious Hacho (100% Merino wool, hand dyed) but some sewing involved.

  • Amy Singer - Tuscany Shawl Workshop - at Alterknit Cafe and Yarn Emporium - when I discovered a new side of knitting lace and I struggled through the pattern with my slippery yarn. One day I'll finish it!

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